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State-owned Chinese automaker Chang'an Automobile Co., Ltd. has its headquarters in Jiangbei, Chongqing. It is China's oldest automotive manufacturer and was established in 1862.


Changan's early history begins in 1862, when Li Hongzhang founded the Shanghai Foreign Gun Bureau, a firm producing military supplies. It is the oldest vehicle manufacturer in China. When Shanghai was attacked and devastated in 1937 during the Second Sino-Japanese War, the plant was relocated to Chongqing.

As part of a government contract, a former organization called Chongqing Chang'an Arsenal began producing automobiles in 1959. They produced the Changjiang Type 46, which was China's first mass-produced car. Changan launched the minicar thanks to a Suzuki license.

Hafei and Changhe, two less well-known local manufacturers, were purchased by Changan in 2009. After Changhe was given to the Jiangxi provincial government in 2013 for reorganization, BAIC Group, another Chinese carmaker, eventually acquired a controlling stake in the company.

This state-owned automaker's parent firm is China Weaponry Equipment, and in 2010 Chang'an achieved fourth-place productivity in the Chinese auto sector by selling 2.38 million vehicles.
In 2010, the business also unveiled a new logo for its consumer products, keeping the previous red-arch trademark for commercial manufacturing.
Changan produced almost 2 million complete vehicles in 2011, putting the business in fourth place among domestic manufacturers in terms of output, despite this.
According to a 2012 study, 72% of manufacturing was devoted to passenger cars, although it's possible that this figure includes microvans, which are tiny business trucks and vans popular in China.

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