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On the Danish Island of Zealand, Praest is home to Zenvo Automotive, a sports car manufacturer. Troels Vollertsen created it, and the name "Zenvo" is a combination of his last name's final four and first two letters. 2004 saw the founding of Zenvo Automotive.


In 2004, Zenvo Automotive was established. The Zenvo ST1's initial prototype was finished in December 2008, and manufacturing got underway in 2009. [1] There were just 15 Zenvo ST1 automobiles produced and sold.
Zenvo felt that their vehicles were too pricey for the domestic market, but according to Bil Magasinet, a Zenvo was sold to a Danish consumer for the first time in April 2018. Zenvo TSR-S in red, selling for DKK 10.5 million ($1.65 million).

Zenvo Automotive A/S | Danish Hypercar Manufacturer

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