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A division of Group Zastava Vehicles, Zastava Automobiles was a Serbian international automaker that filed for bankruptcy in May 2017. The firm stopped producing any vehicles in 2008 after decades of making several automobile and truck types under the Zastava name.


The Vojno-Tehnicki Zavod was established in Kragujevac in 1851, and this is where Zastava had its start (Military Technical Institute). The institute established a cannon foundry branch in 1853, and in March 1854 it changed its status to a military vocational school. Additionally starting in the 1880s, Zastava starts manufacturing weapons. The Military Engineering Works became the name of the cannon factory at the end of the 19th century. The company quickly increased the complexity and caliber of its goods as well as its production schedule. The current name of that initial business is Zastava Arms.

In 1904, within the company, a section dedicated to automobiles is inaugurated. Beside repair services, certain car parts are also manufactured. In 1939 it begins assembling Chevrolet military trucks. Production came to a halt in 1941 with the Axis invasion of Yugoslavia and by then, 400 trucks came out of the factory which consisted of a working force of 12,000 men.

About Zastava Automobili

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