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Manufacturer of many two-seater, open-top sportscars, Westfield Sportscars produces both factory-built and kit versions of its products. Their main offering is an automobile that is modeled after the Lotus Seven, which Colin Chapman initially developed with only the minimal necessities for a car in order to provide the most unadulterated and thrilling driving experience.


Chris Smith founded a competing business and produced kits with extremely comparable look and construction while Caterham Cars purchased the rights from Lotus Cars. In the late 1980s, Caterham threatened legal action (based on industrial design rights), which ultimately ended in an out-of-court settlement and led to Westfield refining and modifying the appearance of their automobiles. Westfield and Caterham vehicles have a similar exterior appearance; however, they are built considerably differently. Instead of using aluminum as Caterham does, Westfield chose to use the glass fiber body technology that Lotus has always used for its other models like the Elise, Esprit, and Elan.

Several manufacturers have subsequently copied Westfield's technological advancements, such as independent rear suspension and a larger chassis. The business released a version of their SEi kit that used Mazda MX-5 donor parts, and it also marketed a kit that used a Ford Sierra as a donor. The Honda S2000 engine and gearbox were a part of the many powertrain options offered to Westfield customers as well as the company's MegaS2000 kit and vehicles.

A total of 450 SEi and XTR chassis were built annually by Westfield, according to data provided to the magazine Complete Kit Car.

A Westfield XTR2 driven by the black Stig set a quicker lap time in the inaugural season of BBC's Top Gear than the Pagani Zonda, which had previously held the series record.

Westfield merged with Potenza Sports Vehicles in December 2006.
 It was reported in December 2007 that GTM Cars had joined Potenza Sports Cars.

Westfield created the iRacer, an all-electric racing car, as well as a hybrid version of the Sport Turbo model after becoming the first niche vehicle manufacturer to receive European Small Series Production Status with its Sport Turbo model in June 2009.

Westfield entered administration and stopped operating in June 2022. Westfield was saved from bankruptcy in September 2022 by Westfield Chesil Limited.

Westfield's Best Car EVER!

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