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Spyker Cars, pronounced [spikr] in Dutch, is a sports vehicle manufacturer owned by the holding firm Spyker N.V. (formerly known as Spyker Cars N.V. and Swedish Automobile N.V.). The brand name was legally owned by the contemporary Spyker Automobiles. Nulla tenaci invia est via, which translates to "For the tenacious, no road is impassable," is the company's slogan. The emblem of the brand has an airplane propeller overlaid on a spoked wheel as a nod to the old Spyker firm, which produced both cars and airplanes. The firm bought Saab Automobile, a Swedish automaker, from General Motors in 2010.


Spyker stated in September 2011 that it will be selling its supercar division to North Street Capital, a company located in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Spyker was in danger of going bankrupt when Swedish Automobile, now known as Swedish Automobile N.V., announced in September 2011 that it would sell Spyker right away for €32 million (US$41 million) to the American private equity and hedge firm North Street Capital. Afterwards, it was discovered that the transaction had not actually taken place.

Spyker announced its bankruptcy on December 18, 2014, with the intention of restructuring its debt and getting back on its feet. Early in 2015, the bankruptcy declaration was overturned, and the business said it would keep making sports cars. It again declared bankruptcy in 2021. Spyker declared in January 2022 that it will resume producing automobiles after receiving support from Russian investors.

Spyker Cars

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