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The Saturn Corporation, often known as Saturn LLC, was a General Motors subsidiary that began operations as an American automaker on January 7, 1985. In the beginning, the firm was GM's effort to directly compete with Japanese imports and transplants in the US small vehicle market.


The firm positioned itself as "a different sort of automobile company" and functioned ostensibly independently of its parent organization, offering a brand-new vehicle, dealer network, pricing strategy, personnel, and a separately run production facility in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Five years after the company's founding, the first automobiles themselves were introduced, advancing GM's spaceframe design and, with their dent-resistant polymer outer panels, demonstrating Saturn's value offer.

Over period, as Saturn absorbed resources from GM's extensive brand network and as GM struggled with the 2008 financial crisis, the parent company cut back on Saturn's development budgets, leaving Saturn to badge engineer goods from other divisions, most notably a number of federalized models from Opel. As a result, Saturn's USP rapidly deteriorated and the market lost interest. With 286,003 automobiles sold in 1994, annual sales reached their peak.

After Penske Automotive's failed bid to purchase Saturn in September 2009, GM stopped manufacturing in October 2009, terminated the brand's outstanding franchises in October 2010, and did away with it 25 years later.

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