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Saleen Automotive, Inc., sometimes known as Saleen (/sli/), is an American company that produces high-performance auto parts and specialized high-performance sports automobiles. The US city of Corona serves as the headquarters for Saleen. Through a reverse merger, Saleen became public on June 26, 2013. Founder of the Saleen brand Steve Saleen controls and owns the majority of this OTC Bulletin Board-listed company.

The Saleen S7, which debuted in 2000, served as Saleen's flagship vehicle. The S7 boasts a mid-engine architecture in a high-performance sports car package and was entirely constructed by Saleen. It is also the sole Saleen production vehicle that is not based on an existing design or chassis at this time.


To develop and distribute Saleen automobiles in China for the Chinese market, Saleen partnered with the city of Rugao to create Jiangsu Saleen Automotive Technology in 2017. Saleen showcased a new electric city vehicle and a crossover in July 2019 in China. The Jiangsu-Saleen factory was forcibly taken over by Chinese Communist Party officials on June 29, 2020, and its non-Chinese executives and staff were removed.

Former Formula Atlantic racing car driver Steve Saleen founded the Saleen company in 1983 under the name "Saleen Autosport." The first Saleens were made in 1984 when they built three automobiles as the initial manufacturing run - a white hatchback, a copper glow hatchback, and a black hatchback.

On a Saleen Mustang in production, Steve Saleen installed the first officially recognized supercharger in 1985. The centrifugal supercharger was used on this late-model Mustang for the first time when it was delivered to Nault Ford in Manchester, New Hampshire.

With a Saleen Mustang that had been prepared for racing, Saleen entered the Sport Car Club of America race series in 1986. Saleen cars were highly involved in motorsport for the remainder of the 1980s thanks to a noteworthy victory at the 24 Hours of Mosport that year.

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