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Tehran is the home of Iranian carmaker SAIPA. In order to produce Citroen vehicles under license for the Iranian market, the SAIPAC was founded in 1965 with 75% Iranian ownership. When Citroen left the corporation in 1975, it changed its name to SAIPA.


The Jyane was also available as a glazed panel van and as the Baby-Brousse, a quaint tiny buggy with a metal body that resembled a Citroen Méhari. Later, the Jyane also emerged in pickup form. The Baby-Brousse was constructed between 1970 and 1979. Licensed versions of the original Renault 5 and later the Renault 21 started being produced by Saipa in 1975. In 1980, Citroen stopped making cars.

The Z24 pickup, a 2.4-liter engine-equipped replica of the 1970–1980 Nissan Junior, was produced by SAIPA from 1986 until 1998. SAIPA acquired the Zamyad firm in 1998, which went on to start producing the Z24. This vehicle has been offered for sale under the Zamyad name since 2003.

The Pars Khodro company took over the production lines for the Renault 5 in 1994, and the 21 was terminated in 1997. A partnership with KIA was established in 1993, and the Kia Pride started to be produced. Saba (saloon) and Nasim are the names used to market SAIPA's Pride (hatchback). The liftback Saipa 141 was introduced at the 2001 Tehran Motor Show, expanding the lineup. This variant, which is built on the Saba and has five doors, is a little bit longer than the Nasim. The Pride series has 97% locally produced materials. The Citroen Xantia was manufactured by SAIPA under license from 2001 until late 2010. From May 2005 to late 2012, when SAIPA lost its manufacturing license, sedan variants of the previous generation Kia Rio were put together using components imported from Korea.

SAIPA introduced its own model, the 701 Caravan minivan, in 2000. It had a facelift in 2003.
The 141, a lift-back Saba model, was released in 2002. Models 111 and 132 made their debuts in 2009. In November 2008, the "SAIPA National Engine 231," produced in Iran, made its debut.

The Tiba with a 4-cylinder gas engine with ABS, averaging 7 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers and producing 80 PS (59 kW) with a displacement of 1,500 cc, made its debut in December 2008 under the Tiba/Miniator brand. Its debut price was less than 100 million rials ($10,000) at the time. About 122 local firms helped create the automobile, which was designed in the nation. In 2009, 15,000 Tiba were planned to be produced.

A new subsidiary, Kashan SAIPA, was expected to increase production to 200,000 per year during the ensuing three years. The Kia Pride is anticipated to be replaced by the Tiba. By 2011, Tiba/Miniator will account for around 20% of SAIPA's exports. Miniator was the model's first name before being renamed to Tiba (gazelle).
The 151, a pick-up variation of the SAIPA Pride, was released in 2012.
 Its engine produces around 68 horsepower and has a carrying capacity of 460 kg (380 kg with the LPG engine).
The Tiba (211) hatchback was introduced in 2013, and manufacturing got underway in 2014.

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