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Dean Rosen and Ian Grunes established Rossion in the United States in 2006. Since 2003, Rossion has been importing Noble vehicles into the United States under the name 1G Racing.


American automaker Rossion Automotive produces the mid-engined Rossion Q1 sports vehicle. After purchasing the Noble M400 chassis' rights in February 2007, work on the Rossion Q1 started. The objective was to create a brand-new vehicle that combined the M400's athletic advantages with opulent interiors.  After acquiring Mosler Automotive (located in Riviera Beach, Florida, USA) in June 2013, RP High Performance relocated the whole production plant from South Africa to its present site in the United States. Beginning in July 2013, the Rossion Q1R, the current Q1 model's track variant, was put into production.

The Mosler is currently undergoing a makeover, and there is no set release date yet for the vehicle. An entirely carbon-kevlar body is a characteristic of the current Q1 and Q1R versions.

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