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A British company called Ronart Cars builds one-of-a-kind, custom sports racing automobiles. The Peterborough-based firm was started in 1984 by Rona and Arthur Wolstenholme. With distinctive designs ranging from open wheel racing vehicles to contemporary sports cars, the firm develops and manufactures sports and racing automobiles for both road legal and track day use.


The first vehicle developed and built by Ronart Cars was the W152. Wolstenholme came up with the idea in 1981, but it wasn't until 1984 that the design and construction of a prototype automobile got under way. The car was then shown at the 1985 International Historic Car Show. Early 1987 saw the commencement of production. Production of the Ronart W152 Mk2 began in 1996 and has continued up to the present.

The business took on new joint ownership in 1999 and created and produced the carbon fiber Ronart Lightning V8, which they unveiled at the 1999 London Motor Show, marking a move into more popular automobiles. At the exhibition booth on its first day, more than twenty-four direct orders were taken. Nevertheless, only a small number of vehicles were produced before manufacturing ended in 2003 as a result of the new owners closing the company after diverting funding to another automaker.

The Vanwall brand was licensed by Wolstenholme in 2004. For the next 10 years, Wolstenholme designed and produced three new Vanwall automobile models: the Grand Prix Racer, the Vanwall 2S, and the replica Vanwall 58.

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Ronart Cars

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