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Rezvani Motors is a high-performance sports vehicle designer and manufacturer located in Irvine, California. Ferris Rezvani, an Iranian-American and one of the Vencer Sarthe vehicle designers, formed Rezvani Motors. Rezvani Motors initially made available the Rezvani Beast.


Ferris Rezvani launched Rezvani Motors in 2013. Rezvani Motors unveiled the Rezvani Beast, a vehicle based on the Ariel Atom, in June of that year. In Santa Ana, California, a 50,000-square-foot plant produces vehicles for Rezvani Motors. Rezvani Motors revealed information and images of the Rezvani Beast in May 2015. Rezvani announced the Beast's production version in June 2015, enabling consumers to order the vehicle with an 8–12 week manufacture time.

For $200,000, Chris Brown bought the first Rezvani Beast in 2015. The vehicle was employed for the recording of Brown's song "Liquor." In the music video for his song "El Bao," Enrique Iglesias operated a Rezvani Beast Alpha.

In November 2017, Rezvani launched Tank, an extreme utility vehicle. Tank is intended to be a road-going military vehicle. It has a number of important features, including: optional ballistic armor that is bulletproof to B4 and B7 Levels; glass and all opaque armor; firewall; bomb protection; strengthened suspension; military runflat tires; and an intercom system. It has an on-demand 4 wheel drive system and a 6.4L V8 Dodge Hemi engine. The Tank has more sophisticated features like a thermal night vision system, bulletproof glass with a ballistic rating of up to 7, composite armor around the passengers, a rear tack dispenser, electrified door handles, magnetic deadbolts, blinding lights, gas masks, hypothermia kit, hidden radiator, and kevlar.

Make your own path. Tactical Urban Vehicles. Rezvani produces Tank and Hercules SUV's and armored vehicles.

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