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Radical Motorsport is a British company that builds and manufactures racing automobiles. Mick Hyde and Phil Abbott, two amateur racers and engineers, formed the business in January 1997. They created open cockpit sports cars that could be registered for road usage and raced on a track without any modifications. Radical produces a variety of road-legal sports vehicles and racing cars with different specs. The Radical SR3 is their most well-known vehicle.


The Radical 1100 Clubsport, the company's first vehicle created by Phil Abbott in 1996, was based on a Kawasaki motorcycle engine fitted within a compact open-cockpit frame. The creators Abbott and Hyde were scheduled to drive the vehicles in the Sports 2000 division of the 750 Motor Club events.

In 1999, Radical decided to launch a one-make series centered on the vehicle after producing 1100 Clubsports in total. The British Racing and Sports Car Club sponsored the series, which included identical automobiles and was accessible to any owner of a 1100 Clubsport. The Prosport, Radical's second model, made its debut in the same year. The Prosports were considerably quicker and more potent than the Clubsports and were available with Kawasaki or Suzuki engines up to 1500 cc in capacity. They also came with F3-size slick tires and an adjustable rear wing. For the SCCA D-Sport class in 2000, the vehicles were also used for the first time in the US.

The two-seater SR3, which was introduced in 2001, was Radical's next design and was capable of competing in international racing, such as the FIA's C3 class. The vehicle is powered by a Suzuki-based engine modified by Powertec (formerly RPE), who produced 1300 cc or 1500 cc versions, with the latter offering a top output of 260 horsepower (190 kW). To replace the conventional motorcycle engine chain drive, an enclosed gear drive unit was created particularly for the automobile.

With the creation of the SR9, a fully-functional Le Mans Prototype in the LMP2 class, in 2006, Radical would take its biggest step into international motorsport. SR9s driven by independent teams would compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans four more times after the car's successful debut with official partner Rollcentre Racing in the Le Mans Series and Le Mans.

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