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American automaker Jeep is currently owned by the multinational company Stellantis. Since Chrysler purchased the Jeep brand from its former owner American Motors Corporation in 1987 along with the remaining assets, Jeep has been a part of Chrysler (AMC).


All of Jeep's current models are sport utility vehicles, including crossover SUVs, fully capable off-road SUVs, and one pickup truck. In the past, Jeep offered a variety of pick-ups, compact vans, and roadsters. Some Jeep models, like the Grand Cherokee, enter the luxury SUV market, which is credited to the Wagoneer's launch in 1963.   In 2016, Jeep sold 1.4 million SUVs worldwide, up from 500,000 in 2008, with two-thirds of those sales occurring in North America. During the first half of 2017, Jeep was Fiat-top-selling Chrysler's brand in the U.S. Over 2400 dealerships in the U.S. alone have the rights to sell cars with the Jeep name, and if Jeep were to break into a new corporation,

The word "jeep" had been slang for new recruits or vehicles in the U.S. Army before 1940,[10][11], but the World War II "jeep" that entered production in 1941 tied the name specifically to this light military 4x4, making them possibly the oldest four-wheel drive mass-production vehicles now known as SUVs. Throughout World War II and the immediate aftermath, the Jeep was the main light 4-wheel-drive vehicle used by the US military and the Allies. After the war, the phrase spread around the world. The jeep, according to Doug Stewart, "became the ubiquitous four-wheeled symbol of Yankee ingenuity and brash, can-do spirit during World War II. "It served as a model for later iterations of military light utility vehicles like the Humvee and influenced the development of civilian equivalents like the first Series I Land Rover. Since then, several Jeep variations performing comparable military and civilian functions have been developed in different countries.

Since 1945, when Willys-Overland began producing the first CJ or Civilian Jeep branded vehicles there, the Jeep brand's headquarters have been in Toledo, Ohio. Since 1986, its successor, the theoretically sound Jeep Wrangler series, has been in production. The Wrangler has been compared to the 911 in terms of Porsche's brand identification because of its open top and solid axles.

The CJ-5 and the SJ Wagoneer, two Jeep vehicles, had unusual three-decade manufacturing spans with just one body generation.

The word "jeep" is still often used in lowercase to refer to any off-road vehicle that was influenced by the Jeep. Since World War II, the term "Jeppi," which is derived from the Jeep, has been used in Iceland to refer to any kind of SUV.

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