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Frantiek Janeek established JAWA, a motorcycle and moped manufacturer, in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1929 after purchasing Wanderer's motorcycle section. The initials of Janeek and Wanderer were combined to form the name JAWA.


Following his employment in the armaments sector, František Janeček founded the business. He was familiar with production methods but had no expertise with bikes. Janeček had a choice between the new Wanderer 500cc, the Berlin two-stroke from Schliha, and the Austrian double piston two-stroke motor of Puch. Janek decided on the Wanderer. Wanderer ceased manufacturing as a result of the demise of the German auto industry since it was unable to compete with BMW. On October 23, 1929, the first model was released. This 500cc four-cycle engine had a power output of 12 kW (18 hp) and a fuel efficiency of 6 L/100 km. Although expensive, this motorbike was successful and regarded as dependable during the early years (and various constructional repairs).

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