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Mexican bus and truck maker DINA (Diesel Nacional, S.A. de C.V., or National Diesel in English) is situated in Ciudad Sahagn, Hidalgo, Mexico. Diesel Nacional, S.A., which was established by the Mexican federal government in 1951, is presently controlled by Grupo Empresarial G and its affiliates (since 1989). Thanks to technological and business partnerships with a number of businesses, including Fiat, Renault, Marcopolo SA, Flxible, Cummins, Perkins, Chrysler, Caterpillar, Scania, MCI, koda, Spicer, Eaton, and Dana, the company has gone through several stages of production of freight and bus models throughout its history. Buses for urban usage in local and international markets are currently its main product. Together with a BMW affiliate, they developed their truck technology.


Diesel Nacional and Fiat inked contracts for manufacture and technical support in 1952. As a consequence, the first assembled units were produced, including the 682/T tractor-truck. Later, manufacture of the FIAT 600, FIAT 1100, and FIAT 1400B models for the automobile market was added. Model 682 RN buses were used to launch the passenger transportation industry in 1956. Fiat car production costs were so exorbitant that the contract had to be terminated in January 1960.

In order to construct two bus types in Mexico, the Flxible Hi-Level and the Flxliner, also known as the DINA 311 "Hunchback" and the Olympic Dina, respectively, a partnership with Flxible was established in 1961.

The Mexican government implemented restrictions on the automobile sector in 1962, including tariff barriers on the importation of cars for both freight and passenger transportation as well as the purchase of their components from outside. Thus, protectionist measures helped local production enterprises, which was advantageous for DINA throughout the following three decades. Other policies acted as key determinants for the export of freight vehicles to various Latin American countries starting in the 1970s.

The Cummins Company started producing its NT and NH engines on a nationwide scale in 1968. To counter its biggest rival, Chrysler, which had previously controlled those shares, it purchased 60% of Motores Perkins S. A. in Mexico in 1973. A technology partnership was established with Navistar International in 1987. Though it continued to employ Navistar engines, two years later the Consortium "G" Group DINA purchased DINA.

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