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Guglielmo Diatto established the Italian manufacturer Diatto in Turin in 1835 with the goal of producing "carriages for wealthy consumers." Giovanni and Battista Diatto, Guglielmo's sons, started creating railroad cars for the Orient Express and the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits in 1874.


A workshop for the production and repair of carriage wheels was established in Turin on the banks of the Po river in 1835 by 30-year-old Carmagnola wheelwright Guglielmo Diatto. The company expanded to make carriages for the aristocracy, and Diatto Manifattura di Carrozze (Carriage Manufacture) evolved into a prosperous industrial enterprise.

Guglielmo Diatto received his first patent in 1838 for a "perfected wheel." The patent is on display in Turin's "National Museum of Automobiles."

For the Compagnie des Wagons Lits et des Grands Express Europeens of Paris, which operated the Orient Express, the Nord Express, the Sud Express, and the Transsibérien across Russia, Giovanni and Battista, the founder's sons, started producing opulent rail cars in 1874.

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