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Nissan owned the Japanese vehicle company Datsun (UK: /daetsn/, US: /dtsn/). The first batch of Datsun vehicles was created in 1931. Only Nissan-exported automobiles were designated as Datsun between 1958 and 1986. Nissan discontinued the Datsun brand in March 1986, but it was revived in June 2013 as the name for inexpensive cars made for developing nations. In 2019 and 2020, Nissan pondered phasing out the Datsun brand once more. The ailing brand was finally discontinued in April 2022.


The name "Datson," which denoted the new car's smaller size in comparison to the bigger DAT vehicle already in production, was chosen by DAT Motorcar Co. in 1931. Since "son" also implies "loss" (son) in Japanese, the name "Datson" was altered to "Datsun" after Nissan acquired control of DAT in 1934. Additionally, the name Datsun was adopted, becoming Dattosan (, Dattosan). The 510, Fairlady roadsters, Z and ZX coupés, and the Datsun brand are recognized globally.

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