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A South Korean automaker named Daewoo Motors was first founded as "National Motors" in 1937. Following its takeover by the Daewoo Group in 1982, the firm underwent a number of name changes before finally settling on "Daewoo Motors.


In Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, Japanese Korea, the business was initially founded in 1937 under the name "National Motor." In November 1962, the name was changed to "Saenara Motor." Saenara built and offered the Datsun Bluebird PL310 for sale. After the South Korean government launched the Vehicle Industry Promotion Policy in 1962, Saenara, the country's first automobile manufacturer, was founded. It had advanced assembly facilities. When Shinjin Industrial acquired Saenara Motor in 1965 and began working with Toyota, it changed its name to Shinjin Motors.

Following Toyota's departure in 1972, Shinjin Motor and General Motors formed a joint venture under the name "GM Korea," which was later changed to "Saehan Motors" in 1976.

SsangYong Motor

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