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A division of the People's Liberation Army that is now entirely controlled by the GAC Group is the Chinese automaker GAC Changfeng Motor Co Ltd. As of 2008, the Chinese government accounted for the majority of Changfeng's sales, which were primarily of light trucks.


Changfeng was founded at No. 7319 Factory, a modest military equipment repair shop. In 1988, the firm started producing SUVs (made Beijing BJ2020s under license), and in 1996, the name of the business was changed to Changfeng Auto Manufacturing. The business was a commercial associate of the People's Liberation Army until 1996. (PLA). Changfeng has been producing the 1991 Mitsubishi Pajero since 1995. The business has only ever made light vehicles.

In 2009, the formal name of Hunan Changfeng Motor Co. was changed to GAC Changfeng Motor Co., Ltd., foreshadowing a 2012 merger with GAC Group.

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