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The hand-built automotive brand Bufori was influenced by American coupes from the 1930s. Three Australian-Lebanese brothers, Anthony, George, and Gerry Khouri are the owners of the business.


The eagerly anticipated Macau GT Cup race took place on the Guia Circuit in Macau at 10:30 am on November 22nd, 2009. Keita Sawa, a Lamborghini GT3 driver, defeated Darryl O'Young, a three-time Macau winner, to win the event. Daniel Watts, a British driver, came in third place. An collision at Lisboa circuit forced Bufori Motor Company's Bufori BMS R1, which was competing for the first time in its global debut, to regrettably retire from the race.

Using a rolling start, the race got off with Alex Yoong's Bufori BMS R1 starting in 28th place. He started passing cars right away to demonstrate the car's capability. He had a fastest lap time of 3:00.388 and was already in 23rd place at the conclusion of the opening lap of the race.

However, there were many track incidents in the laps that followed, and two Chevrolets and a Ginetta had to retire from the race. The safety car was dispatched by the race officials. Overtaking is prohibited when there is a safety vehicle in place.

The race was restarted after the safety car departed the circuit at the conclusion of lap 4. Alex Yoong had an accident at the Reservoir Bend, scraping the barriers with the right rear of his car just as he was getting ready to make another overtaking drive. Alex chose to put the vehicle in park after a piece of track debris clogged the throttle.

Alex, though, believes that the automobile has already improved significantly from yesterday. It had enormous potential and was already moving quicker than some of the automobiles in front. "We brought a brand-new sportscar that was entirely Asian conceived and produced to Macau in only 9.5 weeks. Except for Japan, this type of undertaking has never been undertaken in Asia. We defeated Aston Martin today while racing with Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and other top-tier vehicles. We were the fastest GT4 vehicle in today's race even before any testing had taken place. The vehicle has incredible potential.

The crew and the vehicle will now go back to Malaysia for maintenance work and Sepang Circuit testing. Alex Yoong and Frank Yee will be operating both vehicles and driving. We still have a lot of work to do, there is a lot of oversteer, we need to acquire more horsepower and add a rear wing since we were losing power on the straight.

Although we only completed four laps, the racing experience has given the team a lot of vital data, according to BMS Team Principal, Bufori Global distributor, and BMS Sales & Marketing (BSM) CEO Mr. Joe Lim. It will be a huge aid in the development of both the CS road car and the BMS R1 racing vehicle. The use of race-developed technology and utilization of the racing experience on our road vehicle is also the reason we entered this event in the first place. Additionally, Mr. Joe Lim indicated that in April 2010, the Beijing Auto Show would include both the Bufori BMS R1 and the Bufori CS road vehicle. introducing the hand-built sportscar made by Bufori to the Chinese market.

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