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The Fact About Motor Oil That No One Is Suggesting

1. Oil Change Intervals:

Myth: Oil should be changed every 3,000 miles.

Fact: Modern engine oils and cars are designed to last longer. Most vehicles can go 5,000 to 7,500 miles (and some even up to 10,000 miles) between oil changes. Always follow your manufacturer’s recommendation based on engine design and oil type.

2. Synthetic Oil and Leaks:

Myth: Synthetic oil causes leaks in older engines.

Fact: Modern synthetic oils are fully compatible with older engines and do not cause leaks. They can offer better protection and performance than conventional oils, even in older models.

3. Dark Oil Doesn’t Always Mean Change:

Myth: Dark oil indicates it’s time for a change.

Fact: Dark oil isn’t necessarily a sign that it needs to be changed. Oil darkens as it cleans the engine. Follow the service interval recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

4. Variety in Oil Types:

Myth: You must use the same type of oil every time.

Fact: While it’s generally best to stick to the type and viscosity of oil recommended by your manufacturer, switching between synthetic and conventional oil isn’t harmful to your engine, as long as the oil meets the vehicle’s specifications.

How does motor oil affect fuel efficiency?

Engine oil viscosity plays a crucial role in fuel efficiency. Let’s explore how it impacts your car’s mileage:

Viscosity and Fuel Efficiency:

High viscosity oil (e.g., 10W-40) is thicker and provides better protection at higher temperatures.

Low viscosity oil (e.g., 5W-30) is thinner and offers improved fuel efficiency by reducing friction between engine parts.

Regular oil changes maintain optimal viscosity, preventing thickening that hinders fuel efficiency.

Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil:

Synthetic oil is more beneficial for fuel efficiency compared to conventional oil.

Synthetic oils flow better at low temperatures, reducing startup friction and improving efficiency.

Additives and Friction Reduction:

Additives in engine oil can further improve fuel consumption by reducing friction and wear.

Regular oil changes remove contaminants and prevent engine damage, maintaining optimal efficiency.

Remember to follow your manufacturer’s recommended oil grade for the best fuel economy! 🛢️🔧

Thankfully, many contemporary-working day automobiles have engine oil indicators and can offer you a warning sign on the dashboard when your oil is lower or when to alter the oil. Lots of dealerships or company facilities will also place a sticker on the window with the date you'll need your upcoming oil transform.


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In case you are on a private link, like at your home, you may operate an anti-virus scan on a motor oil system to make sure It is far from infected with malware.

Even so, in spite of these safeguards, there happen to be complaints from a handful of my buddies about its longevity. Therefore, if You aren't ready to consider the potential risk of shifting the full synthetic oil a tad more routinely, this is most likely not for yourself.

Remember, staying informed about motor oil facts ensures better performance and longevity for your vehicle.

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