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Ghana’s ability to compete with Automotive Market

As a feature of its transformational agenda, the Government of Ghana has distinguished vehicle assembly and car parts manufacturing as an essential anchor industry to be worked with and upheld as a component of the Ten Point Plan for the modern turn of events. Because of this positive sign, Ghana is drawing in interest in a vehicle assembly from driving unique gear makers (OEMs) and speculation accomplices, with positive projections of overflows into neighborhood production.


As proof of Ghana's capacity to rival the remainder of the world at a highly innovative and modern level, Kantanka seems to miss the mark. As a declaration of Safo's long-term

capacity to make works of confidence, however, the organization makes a surprising story.

Kantanka Automobile Quickly Assembles Bullet Proof Bullion Van For Banks

Second-hand import vehicles rule the traveler vehicle portion. An enormous portion of the pre-owned cars is imported from the United States, as the vehicle details in the United States are more in accordance with the taste and request of the shoppers in Ghana, which passage level models from Europe don't typically meet. Prohibition on the importation of specific classes of cars (vehicles matured north of a decade and rescued/mishap vehicles) additionally drives the market toward the expansion in new vehicle deals.


Choosing the ideal new vehicle for your life is just the initial phase of being an effective vehicle proprietor in Ghana. Your vehicle will in any case be kept up with and adjusted routinely, and sooner or later, you might even have to have parts fixed or supplanted. At the point when that opportunity arrives, it is essential to ensure you visit our expert assistance place with its learned group so your vehicle can be dealt with securely and proficiently. You can keep on assuming the roads of Accra with an inward feeling of harmony.

Outside Parts and Accessories - actually, new vehicle deals are on the decay because of the economy. In any case, since vehicle proprietorship rates have eased back, it doesn't imply that auto parts deals are languishing. Truth be told, with fewer individuals purchasing new vehicles, buyers are picking to improve, redo, and overhaul their current vehicles. Therefore, outside parts and adornments are the most famous items in the vehicle parts commercial center. The blockbusters in these classes are commonly secondary selling extras. Here are probably the most popular outside parts and extras in Ghana


The possibility of a Ghanaian-run vehicle organization offering Ghanaian-assembled, Ghanaian-planned a-list vehicles and trucks is convincing. Tragically, the explanation Kantanka Cars can offer top-notch vehicles is straightforward: It becomes essentially everything sent over from a Chinese automaker.

The Ghanaian car market is genuinely united and significantly overwhelmed by a couple of players like BMW, Honda, Nissan, Ford, Volkswagen, and Kantaka Group. Indian auto major Mahindra and Mahindra has put intensely in the nation and has made it a local center point for the production of its sports utility vehicles.

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