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The luxury automaker Zinoro (), which specializes in electric automobiles, is owned by BMW Brilliance. It debuted that year.


The first car under BMW Brilliance's new brand and the first new energy vehicle (NEV) from a Chinese luxury manufacturer, the Zinoro 1E (1E) is an all-electric crossover that is based on the BMW X1 (E84). At the 2013 Guangzhou Auto Show, it was introduced.

The Zinoro 1E had a rear-mounted 125 kW electric motor and had a peak torque of 250 N·m (184 lb-ft) (184 lb-ft). A lithium iron phosphate battery pack that can provide an all-electric range of up to 150 kilometres powers the motor (93 mi). With a 16A wall box, the battery may be fully charged in around 7.5 hours. 130 km/h is the electronic top speed restriction (81 mph).

The Zinoro 1E was only offered for lease in Beijing and Shanghai after the beginning of 2014, and the business had plans to create another showroom in Shenyang [needs update]. Leasing begins at 400 RMB ($65) per day or 7,400 RMB ($1,200) per month. The annual contract was supposed to cover the wall box charger, the license plate for the automobile, insurance, upkeep, and repairs [clarification needed]. In Beijing, where 20,000 new energy cars might be registered in 2014, the Zinoro 1E qualifies for a NEV plate. Update required As of September 2014; license plates are sold at auction in Shanghai for little about €10,000. Since 2014, license plates for electric vehicles have been provided without charge.


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