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Western Star

Daimler Truck North America, a wholly owned subsidiary of the German company Daimler Truck, is the parent company of the American truck manufacturer Western Star Trucks Sales, Inc., which has its corporate headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

Western Star

With a new facility in Kelowna, British Columbia, White Motor Corporation launched the Western Star subsidiary as White Western Star in 1967. White and Western Star shared a corporate headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. In those days, white Western Star trucks frequently utilized cabs made by its subsidiary business, Autocar. When White's truck company was sold to Volvo in 1981, Western Star manufacture was transferred to Ogden, Utah, but the brand was instead sold to Bow Valley Resources and Nova Corporation, who each acquired a 50% ownership stake.

Terry Peabody and Bob Shand, the proprietors of the Western Star Australian business, bought Western Star Trucks in 1991. In 1995, Ontario Bus Industries—later known as Orion Bus Industries—was purchased by Western Star Trucks. Western Star acquired ERF trucks in 1996. MAN purchased it in 2000.

Western Star was acquired by DaimlerChrysler in 2000 and incorporated into the Freightliner Trucks company.

Western Star's manufacturing facility was relocated to a Portland, Oregon, facility in 2002. The Portland Truck Factory continues to produce the 4700, 4800, 4900, and 6900 model trucks. The Cleveland, North Carolina, Daimler Trucks North America facility started producing the 4700 and 4900 models as well as the brand-new 5700XE semi tractor models in May 2015.
Western Star MBT 40 trucks have lately been used in Guinea's bauxite mining.

Western Star: A Site About Heavy-Duty Trucks

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