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Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Corporation (Dongfeng Nissan), a division of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., is the automaker behind the Venucia brand. The brand was introduced by Dongfeng Nissan in September 2010. Venucia was separated from Dongfeng Nissan in February 2017 to become a distinct Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. company devoted to the marketing and manufacture of automobiles under the name Dongfeng Venucia Motor Company. This separation lasted until the end of 2020. Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. stated in December 2020 that it will combine Venucia back into Dongfeng Nissan.


Venucia, a new brand that Dongfeng Nissan introduced in September 2010, would be used to sell automobiles that the business created and manufactured in China particularly for the local market.
Dongfeng Nissan stated in November 2011 that the D50 mid-class saloon would be the first vehicle marketed under the Venucia brand and would be on sale in the first half of 2012.

During the 2012 Auto Guangzhou auto show, Dongfeng Nissan presented the Venucia e30 electric vehicle in production form. The Venucia E-Concept, an early model, was introduced during the 2012 Beijing Motor Show. Originally slated for production in China by 2015, the electric vehicle shares the same proportions, electric-drive specs, and other features as the Nissan Leaf.
In order to jointly market the Venucia e30 with local governments in 15 Chinese cities, Dongfeng Nissan decided to launch a pilot project. Up till December 2013, 216 units had been supplied in total. Although local manufacture has not yet started, these units are rebadged Leafs and are being sold under the Venucia Morning Wind brand. Retail sales of the Venucia e30 were planned to start in September 2014, according to an announcement made by Dongfeng Nissan in April of that year.

In September 2012, Dongfeng Nissan unveiled the R50 five-door mid-size hatchback, the company's second production model. The R50 was created in China with first-time purchasers in mind.

The Venucia Viwa concept car, which previewed a future production vehicle based on the Nissan March chassis, was revealed at the Shanghai Motor Show in April 2013. The R30 was then released in 2014.
Nissan said that 200,000 Venucia vehicles were sold in the first two years of its sales (2012–2014).

The Nissan Qashqai-based T70 small SUV was introduced in January 2015.
Venucia was split out as a distinct subsidiary of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. in February 2017. The Venucia marque's first car to use a new design language was the D60, a new mid-sized saloon released by the business in the same year. The business began rolling out electric versions of its internal combustion engine-powered cars in 2018.

Late in 2019, Dongfeng Venucia announced the launch of the Star, a compact crossover (Chinese: ; pinyin: Xng). Early in 2020, sales began. The "Galaxy-V" brand style originally appeared on the Star. Moreover, it was the first to be constructed using the Venucia Smart Architecture (VSA), a modular architecture that allowed Dongfeng Venucia to localize platforms more while also making it easier to accommodate components from the various Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance firms.
Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. announced a corporate reorganization in December 2020 as part of which it will integrate Venucia back into Dongfeng Nissan.


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