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Located in Monaco, Venturi is a company that makes cars. French engineers Claude Poiraud and Gérard Godfroy established MVS in 1984. (Manufacture de Voitures de Sport). Until declaring bankruptcy in 2000, Venturi ran for over sixteen years. Gildo Pallanca Pastor, a Monegasque, bought Venturi in the same year and opted to concentrate on electric motors.

Being the first team to sign up for the Formula E World Championship, Venturi competes with Edoardo Mortara and Lucas di Grassi as its drivers.


Claude Poiraud and Gérard Godfroy, two former engineers of Heuliez, developed the first Venturi in 1984. The objective was to display the one and only "Grand Tourisme" French vehicle that could compete with the German Porsche, Italian Ferrari, and English Aston Martin. The name of the first vehicle displayed was initially written "Ventury," with a "y" at the end, and it had a VW Golf GTi engine. The automobile was first displayed in 1985 with a 200 PS (147 kW) Peugeot 505 Turbo engine, but by the 1986 Paris Motor Show, the PRV V6 engine had given it its final shape.

Five automobiles were constructed in the first year of production in 1987, and production grew in the following years. Throughout the next 20 years, about 750 automobiles were made at Couron, Pays de Loire, where the company's headquarters was situated.

They produced mid-engine coupés and roadsters with turbocharged PRV engines and Renault gears between 1987 and the middle of the 1990s. With the then-available MVS Venturi Coupé and Transcup models, the engine output ranged from 200 to 260 PS (147 to 191 kW). The catalytic 2849 cc PRV V6 was used in the naturally aspirated Venturi 160; it was designed to be sold in Japan and as such was also offered with an automatic gearbox.

There was also the Renault 21 Turbo's turbocharged 1995-cc inline-four Douvrin engine utilized in the 185 Hp (136 kW) Venturi 180, which was primarily created for the Italian market.

Moreover, Venturi had a brief association with the Larrousse Formula One team. The British firm Venturi Larousse UK, originally known as Fomet 1, which had previously designed the 1991 Fondmetal Formula One vehicles, created the team's 1992 car, which carried the Venturi moniker.

The Renault 21 Turbo's 1995-cc inline-four Douvrin engine, which was turbocharged, was used in the 185 PS (136 kW) Venturi 180, which was primarily developed for Italy.

Venturi spent a brief period of time working with the Larrousse Formula One team. The British company Venturi Larousse UK, formerly known as Fomet 1, which had previously designed the 1991 Fondmetal Formula One cars, was responsible for designing and constructing the team's Venturi-branded 1992 car.

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