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The main office of the British automobile manufacturer Vauxhall Motors Limited located in Chalton, England. In January 2021, Stellantis acquired Vauxhall as a subsidiary. One of the country's most reputable and long-standing auto manufacturers and distributors is Vauxhall.


Alexander Wilson established Vauxhall in 1857 as a maker of pumps and marine engines. In 1863, Andrew Betts Brown made the acquisition, renamed the business "Vauxhall Iron Works," and started making traveling cranes there. The business changed its name again about the time it started making vehicles in 1903. General Motors (GM), an American automaker, bought it in 1925. In 1930, Bedford Vehicles was founded as a Vauxhall subsidiary to produce commercial vehicles.

Prior to General Motors purchasing it, it was a premium automobile brand, and it then started producing mid-range vehicles. Since the Great Depression, Vauxhall has been progressively more mass-market. The majority of models are primarily engineered in Rüsselsheim am Main, Germany, where Vauxhall vehicles have been essentially interchangeable with those of Opel since 1980. Early in the 1980s, all nations other than the UK stopped selling vehicles under the Vauxhall name. Vauxhall has participated in racing throughout its history, including rallying and the British Touring Car Championship. In 2017, Groupe PSA acquired Opel/Vauxhall from General Motors after 92 years as GM's property.

Vauxhall has significant production facilities in Ellesmere Port and Luton (commercial vehicles, IBC Vehicles) (passenger cars). The Luton factory has a capacity to produce about 100,000 units annually and employs about 900 people. The Ellesmere Port mill had a three-shift capacity of over 187,000 units per year and employed about 1,880 people in 2012. Vehicles bearing the Vauxhall brand are produced in Opel plants in the UK, Germany, Spain, and Poland.

The Victor, Viva, Chevette, and Cavalier are notable ex-Vauxhall production vehicles. The Astra small family vehicle, Corsa supermini, Crossland compact crossover SUV, Mokka compact SUV, and Grandland subcompact SUV are all current models (compact SUV). Under the GSi sub-brand, Vauxhall sells high-performance variations of certain of its vehicles.

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