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Ultima Sports

Founded in 1992 by Ted and Richard Marlow, Ultima Sports.
The business produces and sells the Ultima Evolution vehicle. There are two body types for the modern Evolution: coupe and convertible. The body designs of the Ultima Evolution Coupe and Ultima Evolution Convertible are identical to those of the Ultima GTR and Ultima Can-Am vehicles that came before them. The Ultima Sport and Ultima Spyder were the two models created before the GTR and Can-Am versions.

Ultima Sports

The majority of every model in the Ultima line has always been provided in component form. In other words, Ultima manufactures the parts needed for a car owner or builder to assemble the vehicle elsewhere. In the USA, this is the only method to get such a vehicle (including a completely built "rolling body" without an engine and gearbox). Nonetheless, "turnkey" types of automobiles are also produced on-site for the European market.

The Ultima Mk1 was the first model made, and it was created in 1983 by Lee Noble of Noble Motorsports Ltd. The Ultima Mk2 was released in 1989 before any of the intended cars could be sold, hence just one was actually made. The Mk2 is based on the Mk1, but it has improved brakes and updated suspension. The vehicle, piloted by Lee Noble and Ted Marlow, won several races and championships in minor series. It was displayed on the covers of the magazines Kitcars and Specials, Sports Car Monthly, and Autochromes.

13 Ultima Mk2s in all were built. Although the Ultima Mk3 had a new fiberglass body when it was first released in 1989, the PRV V6 engine remained the same. It was the last Ultima made by Noble Motorsports Ltd. before Ted Marlow and Richard Marlow purchased the rights to the car in 1992 and founded Ultima Sports.

American Speed, a business that specializes in re-engineering Chevy V8s for more performance, is now the primary engine supplier for Ultima. It was with a 640 horsepower (480 kW) version of the Chevy small-block V8 produced by American Speed, that company director Richard Marlow was able to achieve performance records in an Ultima GTR during 2005, this combination was known as the Ultima GTR640.

In the GTR720, which once again used an American Speed SBC engine but now had 720 horsepower (540 kW) of power, Ultima smashed their own 0-100mph-0 record established in the GTR640 in 2006. A production road automobile with street-legal tires and an exhaust system now completes 0–100–mph in 9.4 seconds, breaking the previous record by 0.4 seconds. 

The tests were timed using a regular Ultima GTR720 in controlled circumstances and on road-legal tires. The accuracy of the timekeeping was confirmed by a representative from Datron Technologies, the guardians of the Guinness World Records, using Microsat GPS gear.

Unofficially, but with an independent timekeeper and GPS timing equipment present, the Ultima GTR720 also set the record for the fastest road-legal lap time around the Top Gear Test Track, clocking in at 1 minute, 12.8 seconds. [Reference required] In order to demonstrate the car's capacity to travel on public roads, it was also driven there and back from the test track. The same Ultima GTR720 also set a new Top Gear Test Track lap record of 1 minute, 9.9 seconds, but this time on slick racing tires to beat Michael Schumacher's $1.8 million Ferrari FXX track car's pace of 1 minute, 10.7 seconds.

Ultima Sports

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