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A Brazilian company called Troller Veculos Especiais S/A produced off-road vehicles. It was established in 1995 in Horizonte, Ceará, and in 2007 it was acquired by Ford. The Troller T4 was a marquee car that has participated successfully in several rallies across the globe, including the Dakar Rally.


Rogério Farias founded Troll in 1995. The first prototype was constructed in April 1996.
The first T4 with a gasoline engine was produced after the business was purchased by entrepreneur Mário Araripe in 1997 in a collaboration with Rogério Farias. The vehicle's mass manufacturing commenced in 1999 after a facility was constructed in the town of Horizonte.

A production facility to create the T4 for the African market opened in Angola in 2005. Ford do Brasil stated in January 2007 that it will purchase Troller for R$400 million (US$205.44 million).

When a Troller was seen during a news program on December 14, 2009, clearing So Paulo's flooded streets, the firm played along and made an effort to track down the driver. 2014 saw a makeover of the T4.

By the end of 2021, Ford has stopped producing anything in Brazil, including at the Troller facility in Horizonte. Just the industrial complex, which spans a land area of 120,142 km2 (46,387 sq mi) and has a floor space of 21,736 km2 (8,392 sq mi), was put up for sale; the brand and the technology were not. The plant would also be related to the special tax system, which would be in effect until 2025.

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