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In 2006, the Chinese carmaker SAIC Motor established the Roewe vehicle label, which specializes in luxury vehicles. MG Rover, a former British automaker, donated its technology to Roewe, who used it to build its first models. As SAIC was unable to acquire the Rover brand name rights (which were maintained by BMW, later sold to Ford, and finally restored to Jaguar Land Rover), the Roewe marque was developed in its stead. The MG brand is used to sell it in the majority of export countries outside of China.


Due to SAIC's inability to purchase the Rover brand from BMW in 2005, the company was given the moniker Roewe (it was instead sold to Ford in 2006, and the brand is currently owned by Jaguar Land Rover). While SAIC has claimed that it is derived from Löwe, the German word for lion, the name Rover is a transcription of the Chinese characters Róng and wi, which roughly translate to "glorious force."

With the demise of MG Rover in 2005, SAIC acquired the Rover 75 and Rover 25's technology. The Roewe nameplate first emerged on a variation of the 75, the Roewe 750. SAIC initially intended to acquire every asset of the bankrupt British corporation, but Nanjing Automobile outbid SAIC. SAIC and Nanjing Auto amalgamated in 2007, and as a result, SAIC now has control of the MG Rover assets it was previously unable to buy, including the MG brand and the Longbridge facility in Birmingham.

Early Roewe models were developed with support from the English engineering corporation Ricardo, which also helped bring the 750 to market by founding a new business in the UK called Ricardo (2010) Consultants Ltd. The car was also worked on in China, according to SAIC. SAIC acquired Ricardo (2010) Consultants in 2007 and rebranded it as SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre. More than 200 British ex-Rover engineers work there.

A new generation of the Roewe design language for the Chinese brand, featuring sharp creases and a full width grille that evolved from the previous Roewe shield grille, was previewed by the Roewe brand with the introduction of the Roewe Vision-R electric concept car at the 2015 Guangzhou Auto Show in China. The Roewe i5, i6, RX3, RX5, RX7, RX8, and Marvel X, as well as facelifts of the Roewe 950 and Roewe 360 Plus, were among the items introduced shortly after that that used the new design motif.

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