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The Croatian automaker Rimac Automobili creates and manufactures electric sports vehicles, drivetrains, and battery systems. It is based in Sveta Nedelja. Mate Rimac launched the business in 2009. The Concept One, the company's initial model, held the record for quickest production electric car in the world.


In 2007, Mate Rimac started the business as a side project in his garage. Working alone, he transformed his BMW 3 Series (E30) to include an electric drivetrain, drawing media and investor interest in the process.[6] Early funding was mostly provided by angel investors and the sale of exclusive patents.

In 2009in Sveta Nedelja, Croatia, close to Zagreb, where sufficient facilities were rented, Rimac Automobili was established. Mate Rimac started modifying an E30-M3 when he was 19 years old, using it as his first test vehicle: "I possessed an ancient BMW E30 (MY 1984) which I used for drift and circuit racing.

As part of its electrification initiative, the Porsche Engineering Group GmbH unit of the Volkswagen Group purchased a 10% investment in Rimac in 2018."This partnership is an important step for Rimac on our way to becoming the industry's preferred component and system supplier in electrification, connectivity, and the exciting field of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems," said Mate Rimac. With a combined investment of €80 million in 2019, Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors declared their intention to "cooperate on the development of high-performance electric vehicles." Infinum, the largest software and design firm in the Balkans, was suggested to Porsche by Rimac in 2020, and this resulted in the establishment of the joint venture Porsche Digital Croatia, which received an investment of €10 million.

Porsche and Rimac of the VW Group announced in July 2021 that they had reached an agreement to establish a joint venture that would include both Rimac Automobili and Volkswagen's high-performance Bugatti brand. The new company's name will be Bugatti Rimac. Porsche will own 45% of the joint venture while the parent business Rimac Group would own 55% of it. Porsche said that it was a part of a fresh €500 million round of funding in June of that year.

The Rimac Group is the sole owner of Rimac Technology. For several international OEMs, Rimac Technology develops automotive systems and technology.

Rimac Automobili
Rimac Automobili is a technology powerhouse manufacturing electric hypercars and providing full technology solutions to global automotive manufacturers.

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