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Cecil Kimber established the British automobile brand MG in the 1920s, and M.G. Car Company Limited produced the iconic sports cars that made the brand well-known.


MG automobiles had their origins in a 1920s sales promotion side business of William Morris' Oxford retail sales and servicing facility, Morris Garages. Cecil Kimber, the company's manager, altered Morris Oxfords that were in regular production and affixed MG Super Sports to the plate on the front of the vehicle. In July 1930, a distinct M.G. Car Company Limited was established. It remained Morris's personal property up until July 1 of that year, when he sold it to Morris Motors Limited, his holding company.

Over the years, MG's ownership changed a lot. In 1952, Austin and Morris' Nuffield Organization combined to become the British Motor Corporation Limited (BMC). British Leyland Motor Corporation was formed in 1968 as a result of the 1967 renaming of its operations as the MG Division of BMC (BLMC). The BLMC's successors, British Leyland, the Rover Group, and, at the beginning of 2000, the MG Rover Group, which went into receivership in 2005, all continued to use the MG brand. The MG brand and other MG Rover assets were acquired by Nanjing Automobile Group (which merged into SAIC in 2007). In China, MG manufacturing resumed in 2007. The MG6 is the country's first new MG model in 16 years.

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