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In West Bromwich, England, Jensen Motors Limited produced commercial vehicles and sports automobiles for the British market. In 1934, brothers Alan and Richard Jensen changed the name of W J Smith & Sons Limited's commercial body and sports car body manufacturing operations to Jensen Motors Limited. Trading terminated in 1976. Jensen Motors Limited was dissolved in 2011 despite trade having restarted in 1998.


In addition to producing automobiles of their own design, Jensen Motors produced specialized car bodies for major automakers Ford, Austin, and Chrysler.

Jensen's trademark rights were purchased alongside the business, which ran for a brief while in Speke, Liverpool, from 1998 to 2002. A new Jensen Interceptor model was revealed in 2011 under new ownership. It was intended to restart production of the new model at the departed Jaguar assembly facility in Browns Lane, Coventry.

Jensen Cars

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