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Lelystad, Netherlands-based Donkervoort Automobielen BV is a producer of hand-built, incredibly lightweight sports automobiles. Joop Donkervoort launched the vehicle company in 1978. Audi engines took the place of the Ford engines at Donkervoort in 1996.


Joop Donkervoort founded Donkervoort, a privately owned firm, which he ran until his retirement in 2019 and his son Denis took over as managing director in 2021. The development of the business and branding of the firm also involved Joop's wife Marianne Donkervoort and their daughter Amber. After completing an internship in China, equestrian Amber joined the organization as the marketing manager. The D8 was named after Denis, whereas the Donkervoort S8A was named for Amber.

Joop founded the business in 1978 as an importer of kit vehicles, but after finding that the assembled kit cars required considerable changes to be road legal, he started creating the first S7 cars in a shed in Tienhoven using a design based on the Lotus Seven. Donkervoort relocated to a bigger manufacturing site in Loosdrecht in 1983, then again in 2000 to its current corporate office and plant in Lelystad. In 2003, Lelystad moved its chassis production, which had previously been delegated to an outside vendor, into the company.

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