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Italian sports and racing automobile manufacturer Cisitalia. The name "Cisitalia" comes from the corporate conglomerate "Compagnia Industriale Sportiva Italia," which was established in Turin in 1946 and was governed by rich entrepreneur and athlete Piero Dusio.


Dante Giacosa created the D46, which had a triumphant debut in 1946, using Fiat Street vehicle elements as a platform. Giacosa was an expert on all things Fiat because he created the renowned 500 Fiat Topolino before World War II. Although heavily modified for street use and racing, the engine and suspension were directly drawn from the little Fiat. With additional modifications and dry sump lubrication, the engine's power output was significantly raised to 60–70 bhp. The available power was more than sufficient for competitive performance given the spaceframe chassis and weight of under 400 kg (880 lb). Dusio's hope for a single model series was dashed, but his D46s began to rule the voiturette series instead. 

Cisitalia Official Website

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