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German auto tuning company Carlsson specializes on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Rolf and Andreas Hartge, brothers, started the Carlsson tuning shop in 1989.


Rolf and Andreas Hartge, brothers, created the Carlsson tuning company in 1989. The whole current lineup of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, including the R-Class, SL-Class, C-Class, and GL-Class among many others, are compatible with Carlsson's products. The company's selection of alloy wheels is its most well-known product.

Following the 2006 SEMA Show launch of their newly modified CL500 (Euro-spec) car, Carlsson started a more aggressive push into the US market through a new importer. Although it is a touch timid when it comes to horsepower, Modified Luxury & Exotics magazine stated in their review that "the CL is starting to look something more in line with a Bentley Continental.

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