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A Chinese international holding company for vehicle manufacturers with its headquarters in Shenyang was Huachen Automotive Group Holdings Co. Ltd., also known by the brand name Brilliance Auto Group. Automobiles, microvans, and automotive parts are among its offerings.


A subsidiary, Brilliance China Automotive Holding Limited, was established in Bermuda on June 9. The business was registered as a foreign company at the Hong Kong Companies Registry that same year. Shenyang Jinbei Coach Manufacturing Co. Ltd.'s subsidiary initially held a 40% share, with another business, Shenyang Jinbei Automotive Company Limited, holding the remaining 60%.

The majority of the group's assets were transferred to the subsidiary by the group in 1999, and the shares then began to trade on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (now a division of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing) under the ticker symbol SEHK: 1114. As the largest and controlling stakeholder as of December 31, 2019, Huachen Automotive Group (Brilliance Auto Group) held 42.32% of the listed company's shares.

Brilliance Auto

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