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Auto manufacturer and importer Yulon Motor Co., Ltd. is from Taiwan. As of 2010, Yulon was Taiwan's largest carmaker and is renowned for producing Nissan cars under license. Yue Loong was the firm's initial romanization, but in 1992 the company changed its logo and adopted the shorter Yulon moniker.


Ching-Ling Yen founded Yulon Motor Co., Ltd. in September 1953 as a machinery business. Today, the company is a member of the Taiwanese conglomerate known as the Yulon Group.

The business was involved in Taiwan's government-supported development of the car sector. Malaysia's Proton is once more realizing this pattern. Yulon expanded with the help of protectionist tariffs of 40–60% during the "passive protection" era of 1953–1960. To support nascent automakers, parts and components received significantly reduced tariffs.

Yulon began looking for overseas partners in its early years, but it wasn't until 1956 that an American business, Willys, agreed to exchange technology. The next year, Yulon and Nissan started their enduring collaboration.

Although the first Yulon vehicle was a jeep in 1956, with engine manufacturing starting in September of that year, passenger car assembly didn't commence until 1960 with the Bluebird, after the signing of a contract with Nissan in 1957. Yulon has created and built at least one unique family vehicle, the 1986 Feeling 101, although mostly producing Nissan models and other vehicles under license. (Yulon resumed creating entirely original goods in 2009 with the launch of its Luxgen brand.) Up until the launch of the Cefiro A32 under the Nissan brand (in February 1996), all Nissans made under license used the Yue Loong name (Yulon after 1992).

About Yulon Motor - 裕隆汽車

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