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Ram Trucks is an American manufacturer of light to mid-weight trucks and other commercial vehicles and a branch of Stellantis (formerly Fiat Chrysler Automobiles). Ram Trucks is styled as RAM and was once known as the Ram Truck branch (of Chrysler). It was founded in 2010 as a spin-off from Dodge under the Ram pickup truck brand. The emblem for Dodge was originally that of Ram Trucks. Ram "Classic" trucks are produced in the Saltillo facility in Mexico and the Warren Truck facility in Warren, Michigan. At Sterling Heights Assembly in Sterling Heights, Michigan, new series Ram pickups are produced. The tagline "Guts. Glory. Ram" has been used by the company since its founding.


All trucks produced by Chrysler were sold under the Dodge name after the 1970s, when Dodge discontinued its independent truck marque, Fargo Trucks, which was largely used outside of the United States.
Sergio Marchionne was named CEO, succeeding Robert Nardelli, in June 2009, when Chrysler exited from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Fiat Group also gained a 20% share in Chrysler Group LLC. On June 10 of that year, "New Chrysler," a company created up as Chrysler Group LLC, purchased essentially all of Chrysler's assets. The US federal government supported the acquisition by funding it for $8 billion at a rate of about 21%. WCM, a method of meticulous production quality, was introduced under CEO Marchionne, and various goods were relaunched with quality and elegance. To concentrate on their own identities and brands, the Ram, Jeep, Dodge, SRT, and Chrysler divisions were divided.

The Dodge Ram pickup truck line, which is currently marketed under the Ram moniker, was spun off into its own Chrysler company in 2010 and given the name Ram Trucks. In contrast to casual truck purchasers who purchase vehicles for their appearance or style, Chrysler claims that the Ram vehicles brand would focus on "real truck customers."

When Daimler stopped making the Dodge Sprinter in 2008, the Fiat Ducato cargo van design was adapted and is now offered as the Ram Pro Master in North American markets. By 2014, it was intended to raise truck sales from their current level of 280,000 to 415,000.

With Fiat owning Iveco and a network of Dodge dealers already in place, executives at Chrysler have announced their desire to compete with Ram in the semi-trailer truck market. Since Ram trucks are not a Dodge product, they are promoted independently from Dodge vehicles, according to former Ram Division President Fred Diaz. Ram's vehicle identification number (VIN) will always identify it as a Ram. So that Dodge can have a distinct brand identity—hip, cool, youthful, and energetic—we must continue to promote as Ram. That will not work for the truck buyer advertising. The two ought to have separate topics.

Fiat increased its ownership of the business when it purchased the Chrysler shares that were owned by the US Treasury on July 21, 2011.

Diaz departed RAM in April 2013 to take a position as Nissan's divisional vice president of sales and marketing. Reid Bigland took his position.

In January 2014, a new corporate entity called Fiat Chrysler was established.

Reid Bigland, CEO of Ram Trucks, was chosen to oversee the Alfa Romeo brand in North America in August 2014. It was revealed that veteran Chrysler employee Robert Hegbloom, who joined Chrysler in 1986 and was a director for Dodge, will take over as the next president of the Ram Trucks brand. Bigland received a promotion to CEO of Ram Trucks in October 2018. Shortly after, he learned that the division had been reporting sales data incorrectly and gave the US authorities the relevant material for an inquiry. FCA allegedly reduced his bonuses as payback,

After Fiat Chrysler and the French PSA Group amalgamated in 2021, Stellantis was born.

The head of a ram, previously the emblem for Dodge, appears on the Ram brand.
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