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Jba Motors

The JBA Falcon is produced by JBA Motors, which has its headquarters in Norwich, Norfolk. JBA Engineering was the initial name of the business, and it was derived from the first letter of the last names of the three founding partners, Kenneth Glyn Jones, John Barlow, and David George Ashley. They were all British Leyland engineers. Later, John Barlow departed the business, but Ken Jones and Dave Ashley continued to oversee it until 2004.

Jba Motors

In 1982, the Roadster first entered production (However, cars with model years as early as 1979 exist). The JBA Javelin and JBA Falcon Plus Two both debuted in 1985, expanding the Falcon line. The Falcon Sports took the place of the Falcon Roadster in 1988. The Falcon Tourer, which took the place of the Falcon 2+2, increased the Falcon lineup in 1990. In 1991 the JBA Falcon Sports SR, the first JBA vehicle to 7 Ford Sierra as donor, was unveiled. The Falcon TSR, built using Sierra components, took the place of the Falcon Tourer in 1994.

Ken Jones and Dave Ashley managed the business, which had its headquarters in Standish, Greater Manchester, until the end of July 2004. The plant was purchased by Tim Banwell on August 1, 2004. He made the firm available for sale in 2006. JBA Engineering entered administration in 2007.

JBA Motors

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