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AC Schnitzer

Aachen, Germany-based AC Schnitzer is a third-party tuning business that specializes on BMW and MINI automobiles as well as BMW motorbikes.

Herbert Schnitzer and Willi Kohl founded the company in 1987. Its product line now includes a motorcycle division and tuning for BMW, Mini, and Land Rover cars. The company has a facility in Aachen that houses various automotive companies, stores, and an upscale restaurant in addition to its customization business. Although the corporation has connections to Schnitzer Motorsport, it is legally and financially an own entity. As a member of the Kohl Group, AC Schnitzer

AC Schnitzer

Individual components including chassis, unique exhaust systems, and light-alloy wheels are among AC Schnitzer's main goods, along with full automobiles and performance tuning for gasoline and diesel engines.
Tension in AC Schnitzer
Aerodynamic components are included in other goods.

Additionally, AC Schnitzer creates items for automobile interiors out of materials including carbon fiber, leather, and aluminum. The product line consists of control components such steering wheels, pedals, and hand brake levers, as well as interior Mouldings and cladding, depending on the needs of the customer.

The business offers an aesthetic and performance package that improves the performance of the base diesel engine in the BMW F11 5 Series Touring. They have also created a 316-kW diesel-powered BMW Z4 variant (430 PS; 424 hp).

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