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Aaglander cars, which resemble vintage models but are actually modern, have been produced in Germany since 2003.
Aaglander, one of the biggest automakers in the world based on global car sales. Aaglander has released precisely one model since the debut of the first automobile.


The AAGLANDER is a beautiful way to travel since it gives you time to stop and take in your surroundings, learn about the culture and people, or make a quick halt for a chance encounter. With AAGLANDER, striking up a conversation comes naturally. When genuine explorers journeyed through hills and dales across the nation, this was the original mode of transportation that had already gained popularity in the era of carriages and the first autos. The AAGLANDER is perfect for everyone who wishes to embark on such a thrilling journey.

Aaglander | Luxus der Langsamkeit

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