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Why do people steal catalytic converter in Ghana?

For what reason truly do individuals take the exhaust system? Exhaust system burglary has been around since I can recall.

The stealing of catalytic converters in Ghana has been on rising because of the price, you get from some of the spare parts dealers on the market.

These Converters comprise platinum, rhodium, and palladium, which are all valuable metals. Because of this, a converter's piece value can cost well over $100 per piece, and a few bigger, interesting converters might bring more than $8000, because of the metal's present piece rate.

catalytic converter

Just to give you a model, rhodium which is one of the metals utilized in exhaust systems, the earth overflow of that is on the request for 1 section for each billion. Iron for instance Earth overflow is around 5%.

An exhaust system - catalytic converter is important for your vehicle's fumes framework that changes over destructive motor exhaust contaminations into something less unsafe to the climate through a compound response. Ordinarily, the majority of the "terrible" hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides in the exhaust are changed over into "less awful" carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and water fume. Exhaust systems(catalytic converters) started appearing in numerous vehicles during the 1970s and immediately turned out to be generally utilized.

All vehicles made after 1974 are expected to have exhaust systems, a few converters interest lawbreakers more than others. For instance, trucks and SUVs are easy to get under, which makes them a great objective. The higher up your vehicle sits, the more straightforward it is to take the reactant converter. And, normally a bigger motor will have a bigger converter with more metal substance inside.


Even though they come in various shapes and sizes, exhaust systems are situated in the fumes framework between the motor and the suppressor. The converter needs high hotness to work, so it's set as near the motor as could be expected. At times more than one converter is utilized.

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