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Can Autolast cut keys for cars?

duplicating keys

Yes, We Do.

You know how annoying the procedure can be if you've ever misplaced or damaged a vehicle key. Having a lost car key may be quite expensive and prevent you from being able to start and drive your automobile. It frequently necessitates a tow to the dealership or a call to an emergency locksmith who may or may not be able to manufacture a functional key. A second key is crucial to have on hand.

Simple car keys for older vehicles may be made in a matter of minutes for less than GH200. It's not as easy as just cutting the key and driving off since the vast majority of automobile keys in use nowadays are transponder keys.

Depending on the car's model and key type, programming it at the dealership might cost anywhere from GH500 to more thanGH3000.

Does Autolast Ghana, however, cut keys?

Yes, some places have the ability to duplicate your car key, so you won't be left without one. Often, this can be done for much less money and effort than you'd pay elsewhere.

I need a new car key. Can Autolast do that?

Autolast provides the components, expertise, and technology necessary to replace your car key for the majority of makes and models. It is as simple as making a copy of the key you now have if you don't have a key with a chip in it.

Your year, make, and model-appropriate key blank is chosen by a staff member. Your old key's original outlines are traced by a key cutting machine, and the replacement key is cut precisely in the same way. This applies to both ignition keys and older cars with separate keys for the doors and ignition. For these kinds of keys, Autolast merely needs a few minutes to cut the key.

Can you get transponder keys at Autolast

Approximately 85% of the vehicles on the road nowadays have a chip in the key, making key duplication a bit more challenging. However, Autolast can usually make copies of transponder keys, saving you the expense of going to the dealer. However, why is a transponder key required?

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What is transponder key?

If you merely use a key blank without the proper, programmed chip, your car won't start if it originally came with a transponder key. Despite being a security feature, it wasn't until roughly the year 2000 that it really took off. As you can imagine, the goal is to prevent vehicle theft or at the very least make it much harder.

When the ignition is turned on, a module or sensor in the car "looks" for the RFID code embedded in a chip. The chip must not just be there; it must also have been taught or programmed to match the code needed by the car for it to start.

Your transponder key may be incorporated with a key fob, or it may be a blade style that must be manually placed into the ignition cylinder. It may possibly be the kind with a push-button ignition that fits in your pocket or bag. Prior to usage, each of these styles must be coded.

A wide variety of transponder keys are available at Autolast Ghana shop, so you can always receive the replacement you require.

We will assist you with programming the key to your vehicle after you have the right key, and it has been cut.

Do I still need my keyless entry FOB?

The likelihood that you will also lose the key fob, or remote for keyless entry, is rather high if you've misplaced a key. In order to avoid constantly inserting the key into the door lock cylinder and unlocking it, which is quite bothersome, you should change this as well.

Locate Autolast in Accra Ghana for key replacement, just takes a few minutes to complete.

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Karl Vick
Karl Vick
May 16

I was skeptical about getting a replacement key from Locksmith Near Me, but I'm so glad I did. The key they cut for my car is indistinguishable from the original.


If they have locksmith experts or technicians that deals in door locks and keys. Then absolutely they can cut keys for cars.

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